My name is Bob de Riemer, born and raised in the Netherlands. In June ’16 I upsized my life experience by traveling the world and downsized my life possessions into a 35L backpack, a camera bag and a tremendous amount of optimisme and curiosity to explore our earth.

Yes, still going. Currently in India Australia


My passion. Both with words and visual storytelling.
I’m curious, I connect dots and I see beauty in a story.
It’s why the love for documentary style photography grew on me.
So I capture true, unstaged and real moments in time.
Mostly about humans being humans.

Black&White photography

As you may have noticed I have a love for Black&White photography. There is something magical about the high contrast, raw, gritty ‘film’ look. Most of my favourite photos I shot are in Black&White.

The right tool for the job

Maybe not really important for you to know, or maybe it is.. I’m not sure. But I’d like to note that all my work you see is shot with a Fujifilm.

These unobtrusive, beautiful, little black boxes with ‘old school’ knobs and dials have some secret magic in them. It’s perfect for my style of photography and it gets me some of the shots that I’m sure I never could have gotten with my old, big, ‘professional’ looking DSLR camera.

Since I switched, I shot all my professional and personal work exclusively with a Fuji camera. It’s my best companion to get me the results that I aim for. Not only that. This ‘tool’ enhances all my passion for photography! I LOVE it and I grew with it to the photographer that I am today.

Take a look in the Gallery.