Documentary style of story telling

New Narrative Photography

Life’s moments as they are.



This is my online portfolio as well as my medium to show you how I can help create a New Narrative for you. That is, if you’d like to document your story, a day in your family life or an event, festival or concert, I’ll be there to capture the moment.

It’s in the way I naturally look at people and the world. I always look deeper than the surface. The essence. I see it, I observe it and I anticipate it. Because the moments I don’t press the shutter are as important as those I do.

Those key moments in time, I capture.
To show the world what I already saw when I looked at you.
A unique and beautiful person with a story worth telling.

Your next chapter starts here

"The Narrative of..."

In “The Narrative Of…” I document that story. Take a look here to get an impression of how this could look like.

Take a look on my Gallery page to see a selection of my other work.

Human interaction | Emotion | Moment | Candour

What moments would make your narrative?

I’m most curious for the story behind the story.
The inside ones and those behind closed doors.
When I would be there to photograph you
in your realest presence, emotions and interactions,
what moments would make your narrative?

It's more than just taking photos

I tell stories through documentary style photography,
capturing the moment when it naturally unfold before my eyes.

Often that means to stay distant and let things go with the flow.
I wouldn’t have got this shot if I were too close:

But sometimes to portrait the feeling of a moment through a photograph
I do have to get close and personal.

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”
~ Robert Capa

Photo by the legendary photo journalist Robert Capa

Anticipating and deciding to get the best shot by keeping my distance
or to get up close is one aspect of what makes my work
passionate and intuitive but thoughtful.

Let me further introduce myself on  this” page.

Bob de Riemer

Sigourney Belle Weldon

"Bob creates poetry with the photos he captures. Loved having a shoot with him."

Sigourney Belle Weldon
Coach / Healer
Claire Emma

"Love New Narrative Photography. Such a high level of skill and ability to capture perfect moments. Would recommend!"

Claire Emma
General Manager
Dylan Longley

"Bob has an eye for beauty and a strong sense of creating compositions that draw your attention to the story behind the pictures he makes. His work presents worlds without words."

Dylan Longley